September 23, 2020


Level 2 Update:
  • All courts will be open from 8 am to 9pm for play.
  • The net posts, gate and benches will be sanitised regularly (with a 30-day surface antibacterial product) and there will be onsite hand sanitiser available. We urge you to make use of it.
  • The booking system (Pay2Play) will apply at ALL times and there will be NO walk-in play. You must pre- book if you wish to play (you will all have received login & password details for Pay2Play. If you do not have a Pay2Play login then please contact the club.)
  • The booking system will allow bookings of 1 hour minimum and 2 hours max in 30-minute increments at any given time, and with a minimum 6-hour period in between bookings.
  • The booking system will be the Contact Tracing tool, so all players attending must be listed when you book. This does not apply to organised social play.
  • There is a QR Code on display and we urge you to use it every time you attend.
  • There will be no supervisor on duty, but Committee members will drop in regularly to check in.
  • Since the commencement of Summer Interclub has been confirmed for this Saturday the 26th September, WEEKEND SOCIAL TENNIS NOW SHIFTS TO IT’S NORMAL SUMMER ROTATION OF SUNDAY’S AT 2:30pm – SEE YOU THERE 🙂
  • The inside of the clubhouse will be fully sanitised over the next couple of days.
  • The Clubhouse will be open for the use of the toilet and in some instances for refreshments / meetings upstairs but once again we urge you to practice social distancing.
We ask that all our members take responsibility in keeping themselves and others safe and that social distancing remains a focus. Please also take note of other rules to be adhered to:
  • If you are unwell or someone in your household is unwell, please stay away
  • Bring your own water bottles and equipment and take them with you when you leave
  • Keep your distance where possible.
  • Notify the club immediately if you become unwell.
Thank you for your cooperation during levels 3 and 2.5 which worked very successfully and without incident.
Let’s all continue to make this work safely.
BBTC Committee