The BBTC Team

We’re in our 95th year, and with that milestone we feel the honour that our club is recognised as being an integral part of the wider Auckland tennis playing community. We are extremely proud of both our history and our current contribution to New Zealand tennis and continue to strive towards excellence in all facets of our club performance.

We have a strong and dedicated group of volunteer club members tasked with ensuring that BBTC continues to be a leader within Auckland Tennis.

Brett Shields

BBTC President

Mario Beer

BBTC Vice-President

Jason Watson

BBTC Club-Captain

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We provide the facility, instruction and service required for people of all ages and all levels of playing ability to improve their skills and enjoy their tennis experience.

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Joan Kelly


Andrea Harris



Committee Member

Gillian Bertram

Committee Member

Julia Sim

Committee Member – Club Coach

Alistair Pauling

Committee Member

Mike Yu

Committee Member

Robyn Jackson

Committee Member

Troy Chandler

Committee Member

Life Members

Mr Eric Inder (1926) / Mr Lyle Howden (1926) / Mrs Dorothy Eliot (1926)  

Mr Tom Baster (1926) / Mr James Dickson (1926) / Mr Vin Inder (1958) 

Mrs Patricia Riley (1976) / Mrs June Williams (1976) / Mrs Barbara Howden (1976)  

Mrs June Le Biege (1977) / Mr Michael Innes-Walker (1980) / Mrs Mary Anthony (1983)   

Mrs Irene Wood (1992) / Mr David Cutfield (1992) / Mrs Joan Kelly (1992)  

Mrs Joy King (1994) / Mr Ross Pownall (2003) / Mrs Julia Sim (2011)  

Mrs Janine Fletcher (2012) / Mrs Linda Brown (2015) / Mr Paul ‘Woodsie’ Wood (2019)